At a very young age, Jamee’s parents knew she was destined to be a designer. She set out to make a mark on the world starting at the age of 5. One day her parents awoke from their nap to find that she had redecorated their entire hotel room. Though her parents were very proud of her creativity, they were not so happy with the bill that later came from the hotel! So they bought her an easel and some washable markers to begin her creative journey in a more constructive manner.

Jamee is a designer based in North Carolina. Recently graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with her BFA in New Media and Design. Before attending UNCG, she earned her Associates in Advertising and Graphic Design from Guilford Technical Community College. She has grown as a designer and an artist. She is heavily influenced by minimalist and modern art movements, her preferred style is clean, crisp and simple. Thin fonts and sharp geometric forms are common themes within her work, tied together with carefully chosen color palettes.